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Thinking of just to take next flight to?   Waiting for your love to come?   They are your boss coming?   You have to pickup someone from?   Having a coffee before your flight?   Stack in an airport?   Heard of bad weather and conditions in the airport?   Just daydreaming around world?
Schedule your plans
Read airport weather forecasts
Watch now-conditions while on travel
Monitor specific Flights

S T E P   1 : An additional source of the flight and airport codes
is a ticket of that flight.
down to STEP 2

S T E P   2 : down to STEP 3 up to STEP 1

S T E P   3 : up to STEP 2 up to STEP 1

Farther information
You want to drive to or from the airport.
You want to learn about the area of the final destination.

No matter where, no matter how detailed info you need.

You can "Get Directions" for vehicle or by foot, adjust recommended route to your choice (click a point of the route and drag it at your choice). You can mouse-wheel zoom-in to the ground. Trams, buses, stations, services, road names, and much more. Some places are also offered with "in street" views - drag the orange "Pegman" icon on the left-hand side of the map onto a street, if the street turns blue then you are on the mark, enjoy eye-walking!
Detailed Map set on terrain  best for countryside travelling or inhabited places on steep ground.
Detailed Map set on satellite image  best for field details and sea & rivers bed morphology or specific buildings and address.

In addition to the weather info given by the reports in steps 2 or 3 above. Here you can view detailed current weather conditions and forecasts for any airport or other place in the world from a weather-expert site.
Airports and Places Weather map  settled with various types of information.

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