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GLASS v1.31, Magnified Presentation - the code

GLASS v1.31,  Magnified Presentation  - the code

See it here in full and heavy duty action:

S E T T I N G S C O N S O L E ATTENTION any number in settings has to be an integer ATTENTION after changing a setting you have to check the other settings for any cross-relations to be kept In the next two lines you set the URLs of the two needed images. The small to navigate and the detailed big to look at. Thinking here, sky is the limit. They can be even the same url meaning you give here the same image as BIG IMAGE and SMALL IMAGE only altering the dimensions you set to the second one further bellow. BIG IMAGE dimensions SMALL IMAGE dimensions LENS dimensions. This is the big image visible part. The panel that you are looking through to big image. SMOOTH MOTION recommended 1 through 20. The lower the better smooth motion, the higher the better cpu workload.
Move mouse over the small image! click lock - click unlock

- The image you are inspecting behind the lens panel is 6405(!) pixels wide by 2322 pixels tall (like a playground area!)

- If you print it is 169cm by 61cm   or 67in by 24in!!

- The size of that image is 1,96MB!

- Last but not least, not even in the middle yet, refresh the page and watch how the page loads without noticable hesitation

while the heavy image loads its way to the lens panel apart from the functionality of the page

- Didn't you played mousing over the smaller image yet? shame on you!

- See the same image without Glass

- Some Glass examples more:

  example 1

       example 2

            example 3

               example 4

                 example 5

Here is the Manual:

Glass size does not affected by big image size
sizes in numbers only, no letters
pixels given to GLASS width: BIG image full url: BIG image actual width pixels: BIG image actual height pixels: SMALL image full url:
Recommended settings in code:
BIG image width = BIG image height = SMALL image width will be = SMALL image height will be = LENS width will be = LENS height will be =
Read The Manual
The Glass code  (needs set up):    (recommended: set up Glass using the calculator above)

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